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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What to do to start making money?
A. Sign up, login, configure account, get code and put it into your websites.

2. What is popup onclick?
A. It's a small popup which appears after visitor clicks on website.

3. What ads are in popups onclick?
A. Theres mainstream sponsors ads.

4. Can I use Poponclick.com on more than one website?
A. Yes, but remember that you can have only 1 popup code per 1 page of this websites.

5. How much money I can make?
A. It depends from your traffic, ours ads are geoip targeted, we show average ratio in footer of FAQ section.

6. Who will see this popup ads?
A. Every visitor from countries listed in footer of FAQ section.

7. What are payout methods?
A. Via PayPal only.

8. What is payout frequency?
A. It is monthly. Payouts are in the first five business days of each month.

9. What is payout minimum?
A. It is $10.

10. What if I have other popup onclick on website? (second click)
A. You should use 'second click' if you have other popup onclick on your website because Internet Explorer allows to open only one popup after click. Important: when you use 'second click' your links on website should be 'target=_blank' because it's the only way to show popup after second click.

Remember - popup advertising displays in the rotation,
the longer it will stay opened the more money you get!

We have a new strategic advertiser for popups.
We pay for the whole world.
You have chance to make more money!

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